Our Story

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.”
-Matthew Jacobson

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40 Years of Dedication to Children's Mental Health

Our founders bring a combined experience of over 40 years in the field of children’s mental health, with a particular focus on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Their extensive work with adults who have struggled with these issues later in life has highlighted a consistent theme: the wish that they had learned essential life skills during their childhood. This insight is at the core of why Positive Kids was established.

We recognize that ADHD can be a superpower, offering unique perspectives and energies that, when harnessed, lead to extraordinary outcomes. However, without the right tools and support, children with ADHD may feel sidelined, dejected, and unmotivated. At Positive Kids, we are committed to changing this narrative by providing specialized support and empowering children with ADHD to fully realize their potential and embrace their unique abilities.

Our mission is clear: to equip children with the critical life skills they need from a young age, ensuring they grow into adults who are not only able to manage their challenges but also thrive and succeed. Positive Kids exists to make this vision a reality, ensuring every child with ADHD receives the understanding and support they need to flourish.

Our Personal Belief Statement

Innate Potential

Every child possesses the inherent potential to achieve greatness.

Childhood Years

The experiences and teachings imparted during the formative years have lasting effects into adulthood.


Every child deserves the chance to strengthen areas of weakness through targeted support.

Early Interventions

Proactive services can significantly alter a child’s developmental trajectory, setting the stage for a fulfilled adult life.

Core Skills we Focus on

Social Skills

The ability to interact with others and form relationships and functioning to effectively thrive in a society.

Emotional Skills

The ability to understand, express, and manage emotions effectively and responsively.

Cognitive Skills

The mental abilities that enable children to process information, learn, and solve problems.

Our Journey and Expansion

Our approach has proven highly successful. We remain at the forefront of research, continuously updating our practices and training for all our providers—even as they continue to provide the highest standards of care in their interventions. Since 2016 we have made significant strides in specialized programming and curriculum development tailored to meet the diverse mental, emotional, and social needs of children. What this means is that if you’re child is diagnosed with ADHD- you can be confident that we are offering on BEST practices for ADHD.

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