Our executive coaching program targets the development of executive functions such as planning, time management, problem-solving, advocacy and flexible thinking, The coaching is tailored to help children achieve greater self-awareness and effectiveness in managing daily tasks and long-term goals.  These skills are often likened to an Air Traffic Control system at a bustling airport, coordinating the safe takeoff and landing of multiple aircraft. This system relies on the seamless collaboration of pilots, navigators, controllers, and weather forecasters. Similarly, executive function involves the coordination of various cognitive abilities to manage complex tasks effectively.

Research indicates that Executive Function Skills are more predictive of academic achievement than IQ and particularly effective for children diagnosed with ADHD. Executive Function coaching can dramatically alter the life trajectory of a child diagnosed with ADHD. Our dedication to mastering Executive Function skills is driven by our understanding of how pivotal these skills are to your child’s success.

Development of Executive Function Skills

Unlike physical attributes, executive function skills are not innate; they must be developed. This development is most intense before age 5 and during another significant growth period in the teenage years into early adulthood. Children’s brain development varies, influenced by genetic factors and their environment. Consequently, some children may require more practice than others to strengthen these skills.

 key areas Executive Functioning coaching focuses on:

Working Memory
Your child’s ability to retain and utilize information for solving complex problems.
Your child’s capacity to ignore distractions and consider actions carefully before executing.
Flexible Thinking
Your child’s ability to adapt and shift perspectives or approaches in varied situations.

What Does an Executive Functioning Coach do?

Your Coach will help your child with