ADHD Tutoring

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Positive Kids offers subject-related tutoring is a specialized form of academic support tailored to specific subjects that pose challenging to a child with ADHD. The tutoring aims to accommodate the unique learning needs of students with ADHD, providing targeted strategies and interventions to enhance their understanding and performance across a particular subject.

We offer subject related tutoring for the following subjects.

  • ADHD tutoring for Math employs interactive and visual method such as breaking down complex concepts into manageable steps. This allows improved focus and comprehension for students with ADHD.
  • ADHD tutoring for language arts focuses on incorporating multisensory techniques, such as reading aloud and interactive writing exercises, to enhance reading, writing, and language skills for students with ADHD.
  • ADHD tutoring for science utilizes strategies like hands-on experiments and visual aids that are utilized to engage students with ADHD, promoting experiential learning and reinforcing scientific principles.
  • ADHD tutoring for social studies emphasizes interactive discussions, graphic organizers, and project-based learning to enhance comprehension and retention of historical and societal concepts.
  • ADHD Tutoring for geography uses concepts that are more tangible and engaging. Primarily tutor will utilize real-world examples and incorporate technology to enhance spatial understanding and geographical knowledge.
  • ADHD tutoring for history integrates storytelling, interactive timelines, and multimedia resources to bring historical events to life. Key strategies like breaking down complex narratives into digestible segments and incorporating visual cues helps student.
  • ADHD tutoring for foreign languages incorporates interactive games, repetition, and visual aids to facilitate language acquisition, catering to the diverse learning preferences of students with ADHD.
  • ADHD Tutoring for computer science focuses on hands-on coding experiences, interactive simulations, and breaking down programming tasks into manageable steps to enhance understanding and engagement.
  • ADHD tutoring for art and music explores creative expression, incorporating visual and auditory stimuli to engage students.

Bottom line: We work with your child to identify and address any gaps in their understanding, helping them meet or exceed expectations in subjects they may be struggling with.

Group Tutoring sessions.

Group tutoring Involves small cohort of students receiving academic support simultaneously from a tutor within a collaborative setting. These sessions cater to the academic needs of multiple learners and encourage interaction among peers, fostering a shared learning experience.

In group setting, students can engage in discussions, ask questions, and work together on assignments or problem-solving tasks. Group tutoring sessions offer a cost-effective option while allowing students to benefit from varied perspectives, diverse learning styles, and peer support. Tutors facilitate these sessions, structuring activities and explanations to accommodate the collective needs of the group, while also providing individualized attention when addressing specific questions or challenges. Group tutoring sessions promote teamwork, social interaction, and enhanced comprehension through collaborative learning among participants. For children with a diagnosis of ADHD – this teamwork approach can prove quite beneficial for reinforcing concepts, providing academic support, fostering teamwork, and promoting a shared learning experience among students with similar academic needs.